Private investment in our energy infrastructure is vital. Dividends paid out by network companies secure vital long-term, stable and sustained investment.

The profits that energy networks make support greater investment in our energy infrastructure and are vital if Britain is to meet the challenge of Net Zero.

Dividends have delivered huge levels of investment that have been good for bill payers, good for the environment and good for the country.

Dividends paid out by network companies benefit us all – from retired coal miners and teachers to families looking to invest their hard-earned cash. Millions of Britons have invested their pensions in British energy networks, contributing to this vital infrastructure while saving for their futures.

Profits from energy will – and should – be subject to scrutiny, particularly as we continue the debate around how our society and economy carries the cost of reaching Net Zero. However, quoting total figures without the context of the investment poured back into the networks, the impact this has already had and its contribution to us meeting our Net Zero targets does not provide the full picture.